Our Special Packages

The Triple W Waves, Workout & Wellbeing


The athletic focused approach with progression and performance at heart.

This clinic includes Wave Coaching, Conditioning and Massage.

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The Triple B Breaks, BBQ’s and Beers.


For a more relaxed vibe & leisurely approach to the weekend of wave riding.

This clinic will involve Wave Coaching, Massages and BBQ’s.  

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What Our Customers Say

“Ben is one of the most enthousiast and professional wave kitesurfing coaches I have ever met!”

Stein van der Weiden

Amazing coach and explains in a calm manner, keeping a nice balance between fun and learning! Lots of humour and enthusiasm; loved every bit of my session!

Liesbeth Nusselder

Thank you Ben for our incredible group coaching session, you pin pointed with laser accuracy what I needed to improve, helped us all with practical tips and explanations. Seriously the best money I have spent this year!! If anyone is thinking of a coaching session with Ben, don’t hesitate – Ben’s knowledge, skills and passion will have you riding better and it’s a great fun day too.

Ben Swyre