So, I’m interested to know how many kitesurfers train for their sport and if they do, what exercises do they do to benefit them.


I’m coming from a background of over 10 years wakeboarding experience, an international beach volleyball athlete, a Personal Trainer and a Sports Massage Therapist; so, I like to think I have a fairly good amount of knowledge on how the body works and what it takes to physically prepare to perform in a sport.


However, I am still very new to the world of kitesurfing.


About 7 months ago I started kitesurfing I found myself excelling fairly quickly with a large amount experience of board sports behind me.

After falling in love with the sport I’ve found myself wanting to train and see how quickly I progress; to do this though I know I need to change my training to something more specific to kitesurfing.


After trying to look online to find some specific training exercises for myself I struggled to find any available.

Although, I know enough to understand what exercises would be beneficial towards kitesurfing, I still need to find out more from people who are more experienced in this field.


This is why I will be getting in contact with some of the world’s best kitesurfing athletes within different disciplines to see why they are so good and if they do specific exercises.

From this I hope to implement this knowledge into my own training to see if I find it effective and share it with you.


Not only am I interested to see what the professionals are implementing but I would also love to hear from you guys to see what you find works!!


So how does this benefit you?


You don’t have to be an athlete that is trying to reach the top of their game for these to benefit you.

For the majority of people, it is simply a matter of staying mobile enough to continue in a sport that they love.


I know a vast number of kiters that will go out for a kiting holiday or a session and find themselves exhausted and aching afterwards- wishing that they had prepared beforehand, so they could make the most of their time on the water.


These exercises will help you to stay kite fit, move more efficiently when on the water, help recover from injuries and prevent injuries.

They can be done in your free time (implement them into your morning routine) or even used for a warm up before your sessions- especially important as we all know how cold it can get in the UK!!!



My aim is to not only see how my training helps me to progress personally, but also to help increase people’s understanding on the things they can do to stay fit for the sport that they love and continue to progress.